Fan Stitch - Colour Me Brilliant

Colour Me Brilliant - Featuring the Double Fan Stitch

One of the featured stitches in Colour Me Brilliant is the Double Fan Stitch.  Deceptively simple, the Double Fan Stitch can be described as a "twisty stitch" as  it twists on top of the canvas and shows off the variegation in the Colour Complements thread.  Once you find the "rhythm of the stitch" you will be in want of stitching more of them!  If you like Walnetos, you'll like this one too.

Freda has written a detailed picture tutorial for this stitch and it is included in the pattern.


Colour Me Brilliant... A vibrant design featuring a "brilliant" selection of threads by Colour Complements.  The palette is bold and showcases  "44 - Rainbow Colours" one of Colour Complements most popular variegated thread blends.

A custom dyed thread kit is available for purchase on the Colour Complements website.  This custom thread kit includes all of the threads required to complete the project.


 ~A Note From Freda ~

The Story Behind Colour Me Brilliant
When I ordered a few threads from Colour Complements I really didn’t know that it would lead me to this gorgeous project. In an email the next morning Lorraine asked me if I would consider working on a collaboration - with her providing the threads and me providing the design.

After talking about what she would like, I had a vision of what I was going to do. It was very precise, but whenever I start a new project it takes on a life of its own. Very rarely does it end up the way I thought it would. This one was no exception. Changing my mind as often as I change my socks means a lot of “frogging” but it is always worth the effort and I am so pleased to present Colour me Brilliant.

The name I chose certainly suits the project. The colours in Lorraine’s threads are absolutely stunning and I have really enjoyed this journey. I know you will too.

~Freda Murfin ~ 
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